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The current economic conditions have created a hardship for thousands of Americans across the country.  The wealth we create through business ownership and real estate investing is simply a tool that allows us to enlarge the good we do for families, our neighborhoods and communities. It provides the means for us to exemplify the principles we have been taught so that we can become our very best selves, enabling us to be the change we wish to see in the world by intentionally creating well-being for all humankind.


Our focus is twofold.



Finding and acquiring single family properties and multi-units by applying successful real-estate strategies.


Working with individuals who desire to become real estate investors by offering education, mentorship and coaching.


What we offer


We're committed to providing opportunity for those who are looking for change and want to secure their financial future through real estate investing and promoting real estate investment education. Our Affiliates are ranked as the highest educated and trained team members in the country. They not only help others build a solid financial future, they use the education they learned through The Wetzel Group, Inc. to develop their own real estate portfolio and build their own dreams and ambitions. 

Loretta Dooley Wetzel, CEO and Trusted Advisor

The Essentials

Begin taking charge of your financial freedom today by investing in our essentials program. This course teaches the concepts and mechanics of real estate investment transactions from acquisitions to building a strong business foundation in a self-paced, online learning environment. Buying our essentials course will give you a year's access to the educational materials with 24/7 access to pause, replay, and note take as many times as you like for comprehensive learning.

• Learn at your own pace

• Life Time Access

• 10 Classes

• Fast track review

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